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Ready To Start Your Farm?

Ready To Start Your Farm?

Industry Growth

We Work To Ensure Food Security

A look at the growth & potential of vertical farming.

Empowering Food Security

At Green Side Up, LLC, we use several growing practices on our farm. All of our practices are designed to maximize our harvest and the quality of the fruit, vegetables, and herbs we serve our clients.

Our farming techniques entail aeroponics, no till, plasticulture, and regenerative practices to bring you organic lettuce, kale, spinach, tomatoes, and strawberries.

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Our Plan: Growth!

One of our goals is for you, the consumer, to acquire your produce from farms and farmers that you know and trust. We support local farmers who are focused on being quality source of produce for their customers.

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model allows you to participate in the agriculture process and reap the rewards of the harvest.

This system connects the producer to the consumer closer that ever before by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest, giving them access to consultations on veggies, vertical towers, and nutrition.

Green Side Up, LLC’s Outlook

We’re focused on providing local produce to consumers & businesses that take interest in the origins of their food products. We’re also committed to offering a resource to consumers & businesses that don’t normally have access to a consistent supply of fresh & healthy vegetables.

Green Side Up, LLC Helps Farmers Grow!

We Make It Easy To Offer Farm-Fresh Produce Online
Convenient Delivery, Pickup, and Shipping
Sell Items Collectively or Individually
Customizable Units: Bag, Bunch, Head, Box, or Bundle
Sell By Fixed Price Per Unit or by Weight
We Assist in Planning Your Harvest In Advance
Better Labor Management & Assembly Requirements?
Eliminate Stress: Have Better Certainty for Your Business

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