Hanging Out With Barista Master Lilly

I was experiencing a roller coaster of deep emotions of all sorts, when reality hit me. I was back learning more than I ever could imagine with my long time mentor and friend, Barista Master Lilly.

She calmly reminded me how she and others where hurt when I decided to quit the coffee and food industry. I wanted to pursue the music and DJing Industry instead. I had my reasons and for the most part, it wasn’t the brightest moment. I shouldn’t have quit. So many people and well known Chefs gave me support.

I once more had the pleasure of learning something new from Barista Master Lilly.

“Remember this Freedom, the roasting process is very similar to any other compound that is formed in the cooking process. Understand this and you’ll understand advanced knowledge ranging from brewing to cooking and will become a master of it.”

– Barista Master Lilly

“Your adventures in tasting and creating dishes begins with the smell of your coffee beans.” – Master Barista Lilly